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Google My Business Posts Explained

All about the types of posts you can create and publish for Google My Business through ContentCal.

There are 2 types of Google My Business posts that can be published to your Business Listing via ContentCal.

The 'What's New' post type

This is the simplest type of Google My Business post. Simply enter your post copy and add 1 image or gif. You may add a button if you wish.

whats new post type google my business publishing

The 'Events' post type

This post type can be used to share news of upcoming events that you are hosting or participating in. Simply enter your post copy and add 1 image or gif. You may also add a button if you wish.

This post type also allows you to set a Start date, Start time, End date, and End time so your audience knows exactly when the event is taking place.

Warning Callout Icon

Warning: To use the `Call now` button on your Google My Business post, please ensure you have a telephone number associated with your connected Location.

event post type google my business publishing

Why has my Google My Business post failed?

1. Are you using the recommended image ratio?

We recommenced using a 16:9 image size ratio (1200 x 675 pixels for example)

2. Is your image a photograph?

Google My Business favors photography-based images (such as places, people, products), instead of text-based images. Please ensure your images have as little text as possible.

3. Is your Location verified?

In order to post to Google My Business, your Location must first be verified by Google. You can check the verification of your Location(s) here:

If you are posting via a Business Account that has 10 or more Locations, you will need to request bulk verification to ensure your posts will be published.

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