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How to duplicate a post

How to duplicate your posts and Articles across channels and Calendars.

How to duplicate a post

To duplicate any post, you can right-click the post from the Calendar, and then select 'Duplicate post'. This will open a new post modal where you can make edits to the post, select the channel(s) you'd like to duplicate the post to, and then select 'Add post'.

To add the new post(s) as approved, or to add them as pending approval, you can select the appropriate tick box above the 'Add post' button.


How to duplicate an Article

To duplicate an Article that is within the Articles tab only (and has not been added to the Calendar) you can right-click on the Article and select 'Duplicate Article'.

This will automatically add a duplicated version of your Article to the Articles area. If you wish to make edits, you will need to click into the new Article.

To duplicate an Article that is within the Calendar, you can right-click the Article post from the Calendar view, select 'Duplicate Article'.

If you are duplicating an Article that is for a date in the future, your duplicated Article will appear on the same day.

If you are duplicating an Article from the past, it will be added to the day after the present day date.

To make edits, you'll need to click into your duplicated Articles.

How to duplicate a post or Article to another Calendar

If you wish to duplicate posts to other Calendars, you will first need to enable this ability from the 'Settings' area within 'Publish'. If you scroll down to the 'General' area, you'll see an option to 'Allow posts to be duplicated to other Calendars'. Switch on the toggle to enable this ability.


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Note: Can't see the general area? You may need an Admin to enable this for you.

Once enabled, you can duplicate your posts as normal, and choose to select from any of the Calendars in your Organization as options to duplicate this post to.

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Note: Articles cannot be duplicated to other Calendars.

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