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I can't find my post on my social media account

What to do when you can't find your post on your social channels, but it's not marked in the Calendar as 'Failed'.

If ContentCal is unable to publish your post, it'll appear in your Calendar with a red ribbon and be marked as 'Failed'.

If your post isn't appearing on your social media account but doesn't show as failed in the Calendar, here's what might have happened...

The post wasn't Approved

In order for your posts to publish they must have a green ribbon across the top of the post. If your post has a blue or amber ribbon, this means it hadn't been approved.

The wrong account is connected

If you're looking at your social channels and are unable to find your latest post, it could be that the content has posted to a different social account. Make sure the correct account is connected to ContentCal by going to 'Setup' within your Calendar and looking at the 'Connections' area.

It was a Tweet beginning with an @ tag

Do keep in mind that Tweet beginning with @ tags will publish as replies. These will not appear on your main Twitter feed. This happens even if a Tweet is posted natively.

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Note: If your post has failed, please open the post in your Calendar, and copy and paste the URL from the web address bar. Send this to the team via Live Chat or by emailing Please quote the URL of the post, and the date it was scheduled to be published. We'll be more than happy to look into the cause of the failure.

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