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Managing connections in Engage

How to connect, disconnect, and refresh your connections in Engage

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Note: Engage is available as a bolt-on for the Advanced plan

Engage connections are managed per Calendar and can be different from the social accounts connected to your Calendar in the Publish area.

Step 1: From within your Calendar, select the 'Engage' tab from the options at the top of your Calendar

Step 2: From within the Engage area, select 'Setup' (bottom left)

Step 3: Use the connections area to connect, disconnect, and refresh connections

From within the Engage connections area, you can also choose what message types will appear within the Engage inbox, as well as add additional Twitter and Facebook channels.



Adding additional connections

Everyone with access to Engage has the option to add 3 Users, an unlimited number of Facebook and Instagram connections, and 1 Twitter connection.

More Users and Twitter Channels can be added at an additional cost. Get in touch with our success team via for more information.

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