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Migrating content

Exporting content from ContentCal is nice and easy. Here are the steps we need to take in order to accomplish it.

If you wish to retain access to your content post 31st March 2023, you’ll need to export it. Please note, your content and account information will be deleted on 31st March 2023 and will not be recoverable after this point.

  1. Go to the publish area and go to month view.

  2. Select the month in question and then head to actions on the right hand side and press ‘Export to CSV.‘

  3. If there are multiple months that you need to export, you'll need to do this multiple times so that you can export all of your content.

  4. When you press ‘Export to CSV’, you'll see the download appear.

  5. Once you open this download, you'll see all of your content from that month. You'll see the channel it was destined for, the caption related to it, including any links, and if you scroll across, you'll then see the attachments column. This is the one you need to find the associated image. Those images are all hosted for you, so pressing this URL here will link directly to the image.

  6. You can then right click on that image and save it and retain that for future use.

That is how you export all your captions and your content from ContentCal.

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