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Pausing your Calendar

How to Pause your Calendar and stop content from publishing.

You can Pause your Calendar in just two simple clicks. None of your content will be published while your Calendar is paused.

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Warning: Pausing the Calendar will only pause content for channels that are diretly integrated with ContentCal. If you have separate Custom Planning Channels that publish via a Zapier integration, these channels will not be paused.

How to Pause your Calendar

1) Go into your Calendar

2) Select the 'Actions' tab from the top right

3) Select 'Pause all content'


How to un-pause your Calendar

If your Calendar is Paused, you will see an amber alert message at the top of your Calendar. Simply press the 'Resume' button on this message.

Once resumed, your posts will continue publishing at their scheduled times/dates.

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Note: Any content that was due to be published while your Calendar was on pause, will not be published once your Calendar is un-paused. You will need to re-schedule this content for a future time/date if you would like it to be published.

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