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Planning Channels Explained

Use Custom Planning Channels to plan and prepare any additional marketing content outside of your standard social media channels, such as blogs, newsletters, and press releases. Try it out today.

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Note: Content from Planning Channels will not be auto-published to your desired location (unless are using our Zapier integration to send content from ContentCal to other applications).


How to create a Custom Planning Channel

You can create a Planning Channel by visiting the Setup area from within the 'Publish' section.

Scroll down to the Custom Planning Channel area and select '+ New Channel'. Select an icon and icon color for this channel. This is how you will recognize the channel within your Calendar.

You will also need to choose a text-editor for your Custom Planning Channel. You can choose between the 'Simple' text-editor (this is the text-editor you would use for social posts) or the 'Rich Text' text-editor (best for long-form content that needs text formatting, like blogs or emails). Your chosen text-editor type will apply to every post within this channel. If you select the 'Simple' text-editor, you may switch this channel to the 'Rich Text' text-editor at a later stage. If you select the 'Rich Text' text-editor, you will not be able to change this later.

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Note: Unable to select the Rich Text option? You may need to upgrade to a higher paid plan. This feature is available on the Advanced plan and above.


Once your channel has been created, you will be able to find this at the bottom of your Calendar, below your social media channels. You can rearrange the order of your Custom Planning Channels in your Calendar from the 'Setup' area, but will not be able to mix them with your standard social media channels.

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