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Publishing to Facebook Groups

ContentCal has the ability to publish to Facebook Groups. Here's how to set this up...

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Note: Please note, this feature is only available to clients on Advanced and Expert plans. If you would like to upgrade you account, please contact us via live chat or email

How to connect ContentCal to your Facebook Group

Step 1

Head into 'Setup' from within your Calendar and connect your Facebook Group to ContentCal from the Connections area.


As always, make sure you are granting ContentCal all the necessary permissions to publish to your Group or Page. Check out this article for more guidance...

๐Ÿ”Œ Connecting Social Profiles
Connecting to Facebook

Step 2

Once your Group is connected, you'll need to add Adobe Creative Cloud Express as an app to this Group. Remember, you'll also need to be an Admin of the Group in order to successfully publish.

Head to into your Facebook Group, select the 'Settings' option from the 'Manage Group' menu to the left.

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From here, scroll down to the 'Advanced Settings' area and select to edit by 'Apps'. From here, choose to 'Add Apps' and then find and add the Adobe Creative Cloud Express app by searching.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express App - FB Groups

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Warning: When your posts publish to your Facebook Group, these will appear as though posted from your personal profile, not your Business Page.

And you're all set - create and schedule your Facebook Group posts in ContentCal and we'll publish them straight to your Group at your chosen time and date.

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