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Publishing to Pinterest via ContentCal

How to create and publish your Pinterest content, directly from ContentCal

Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to visually share and discover interests and information.

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Note: Pinterest publishing is available for all customers. However, if you wish to add more than one Pinterest connection to a Calendar, you may need to make changes to your payment plan. Speak to a member of our support team via live chat or by emailing for more information.

Connecting your Pinterest account

To enable automated publishing to Pinterest, head into the ‘Setup’ area within your Calendar and navigate to the Pinterest icon within the ‘Connections’ section. Select ‘Connect’ and then follow the instructions on the pop-up window to connect your Pinterest account to ContentCal.

Creating and scheduling a Pin (a Pinterest Post)

  1. Begin by creating a new post within the Publish area and selecting Pinterest as the channel to publish to.
  2. Within the ‘Post content’ field, add your Pin’s description.
  3. Next, add your media using the ‘Add Media’ button (media must be at max 20MB and a single-image PNG or JPEG). For more information on media limitations, read our character and media limits guide.
  4. Select the board you want to send this Pin to. If your board has sections, you can also select the section you want to post to in the ‘Select a section’ dropdown. Whenever a new board or section is created on Pinterest, it will automatically be listed within these dropdown menus.
  5. If you wish, you may give your Pin a title (this is optional).
  6. You may then also choose to add a destination link for your Pin. If people click your Pin, they will be sent to the destination link that you add here. This is also an optional step.
  7. Select a publish date and time and then select to ‘Add post’. If you wish to send your post for approval or approve it (depending on your user permissions) you can also do so at this stage.

Currently, Pinterest posts cannot be duplicated to other channels within ContentCal (including other Pinterest channels). This is something we hope to change in the future.

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Note: As Pinterest is a very visual platform, you may wish to add Alt Text to describe your image to those with visual impairments. This can be done by selecting the ‘...’ option that appears when hovering over your media and selecting to ‘Add Alt Text’.

Pinterest FAQs

Can I publish other types of Pins?

Currently, it is not possible to create Rich Pins (Product, Article, Recipe, and App), Video Pins, Idea Pins, or Promoted Pins. This may be something that we introduce in the future.

Can I connect both business and personal Pinterest accounts?

Yes, you can! Both types of accounts can be connected to ContentCal.

What type of posts can I create?

You can create single-image posts only. It’s not currently possible to create Video or Idea Pins.

Can I post to multiple boards at the same time?

No, you can only post to one board at a time.

What if I've been using Zapier to publish to Pinterest?

If you are currently using a Custom Planning Channel and a Zapier integration to publish to Pinterest via ContentCal - you won’t need to make use of this Planning Channel any longer.

Head into 'Setup' within the Publish area to make use of the new Pinterest channel within the 'Connections' area and get your account connected.

If you still have content scheduled within your Planning Channel for Pinterest, we'd recommend that you don't remove the this channel until all of your content has been published. Any new content you wish to schedule to Pinterest should be added to the new Pinterest channel from this point onwards.

Once all of your content in your Pinterest Planning Channel has published and you no longer have use for this channel, you can head into 'Setup', scroll down to the Custom Planning Channel area, and untick the visibility checkbox beside this channel.

Don’t hesitate to reach out via live chat if you require more guidance.

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