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Scheduling to Instagram via Mobile Apps

How to publish Instagram content with the ContentCal Mobile App

Why does my content need publishing via mobile?

If you're looking to publish to an Instagram personal profile, or wanting to publish Story content to your Instagram account, you will need to make use of our mobile app to push this content live. This is due to limitations in Instagram's API.

If you are publishing single-image, single-video posts, or carousel posts to an Instagram Business profile, you will be able to auto-publish your content as you would with other social channels via ContentCal (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Want to switch to an Instagram Business profile? Here's how

Looking for more information on how publishing/scheduling to Instagram works in general? Check out this guide for a full overview

If your content is not in-line with Instagram's specifications for auto-published content, you will also need to use the mobile app to publish your content live. If this is the case, you will be alerted within the ContentCal app when constructing your post, and a red notification icon will appear on any content needing to be published via mobile.

What are the specifications for Instagram publishing? Check out our guide


Even if your content is vialbe to be auto-published, you may wish to publish via the mobile app regardless. For example, if you post is viable to be auto-published as a feed post, but you would like to publish the content to your IGTV or Story, using the mobile app to publish will give you control over the destination it is published to.

You can choose to publish any Instagram post via the mobile app by selecting the 'Publish via mobile app' tickbox within the post modal.

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How to publish a post via the mobile app

Step 1: Download the mobile app and login

Please ensure you download the app, 'ContentCal', and not 'ContentCal Scheduler'

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Step 2: Await your notification on the mobile app

As long as your post is Approved within ContentCal, at the scheduled time and date you will get a notification from your ContentCal mobile app.

From here, you will be able to view your post, and select to 'Post to Instagram'. The rest of the posting is done on Instagram, which you should be super familiar with.

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Note: When you come to enter your post copy, you'll just need to select 'Paste'. The copy will have been automatically saved to your clipboard at an earlier stage.

You can also view your upcoming and approved posts in the main feed within the app. It's best to frequently pull down to refresh to ensure all posts are pulled through.

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