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Scheduling to Instagram

ContentCal can auto-publish all single or multi-image or video posts. Anything that does not meet our specifications can also be published using our mobile app.

Connecting your Instagram profile

In order to publish your Instagram content, you'll need to connect your Instagram profile to ContentCal. To do so, head to the 'Setup' area within your Calendar and connect your Instagram channel within the 'Connections' area.

You'll then be asked which type of profile you are connecting to ContentCal; an Instagram Business profile or an Instagram personal profile.

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Note: Instagram personal profiles will not be able to view analytical information for this account from within ContentCal Analytics. This is only possible for Instagram Business profiles.

How will my content be published?

If you are connecting an Instagram Business profile, you will be able to automatically publish all types of Instagram post (including carousel posts) as long as your post meets the required specifications.

If you are publishing to a personal profile, or looking to publish to your Story, you will need to make use of the mobile app.

If your content is viable for auto-publishing, but you would like to publish your content via the mobile app, you can do so by selecting the 'Publish via mobile app' tickbox. This will allow you to have more control over how you content is published and make it easier to post content to your Story or IGTV.

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Scheduling your posts

All of your Instagram content - regardless of the content type or the method of publication, will be added to the Instagram channel within your Calendar. If your content does not meet the specifications required for auto-publishing, you will be informed in-app and you will be able to publish using the mobile app instead.

If any of your content does not meet the required specifications for auto-publishing, these posts will appear with a red notification icon.


For more information on how to publish using the mobile app, check out this support doc:

ContentCal Help Center
Scheduling to Instagram via Mobile Apps
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Note: You will not be able to publish any Instagram content that contains more than 30 hashtags. If auto-publishing all of your Instagram content, you will be limited to 25 posts per Instagram account within a 24 hour period. This is a restriction imposed by Instagram.

How to schedule a first comment

When you create a new Instagram post, you'll see a text box appear called 'First Comment'. Create your comment by adding hashtags, copy, or even a conversation starter and then schedue your post as normal. This first comment will be automatically published along with your Instagram post.

First comment publishing is for auto-published posts. If you are publishing via the mobile app, you will not be able to make use of this feature.

This feature is also only for Instagram; any first comments added to posts for other channels will publish without the first comment.

Adding hashtags to your first comment is a great way to gain exposure for your content, without crowding your caption. Just remember that the Instagram limit for hashtags per post (in a caption, or a comment) is 30. We will let you know when this limit is about to be reached.

What if I need more than one Instagram channel in my Calendar?

If publishing to an Instagram Business profile, you can create additional Instagram channels in your Calendar as Custom Planning Channels. You can then use Zapier to integrate these channels with Instagram to allow for automated publishing.

To create additional Instagram channels, have a read of our guide:

ContentCal Help Center
Using Zapier to add multiple Instagram channels to your Calendar

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