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The Post Modal Explained

The post modal is where you'll create or edit your posts. Here's what each area within the post modal refers to, and how to use them correctly.

Post state

There are 6 post states in ContentCal. They are as follows...

Draft - Posts in the Draft state will appear with a blue ribbon in your Calendar. These will not be published to your social media channels.

Pending Approval - Posts in the Pending Approval state will appear with an amber ribbon in your Calendar. These posts are waiting to be approved.

Approved - Posts in the Approved state will appear with a green ribbon in your Calendar. These will be published to your social media network(s) at the scheduled time and date.

Published - Posts in the Published state will appear with a navy ribbon in your Calendar These posts have been successfully published to your social media network(s).

Failed - Posts with the Failed state will appear with a red ribbon in your Calendar. These are posts that ContentCal was unable to publish to your social media network(s).

Pinboard - Posts in the Pinboard state are currently being stored in your Pinboard. These will not be published.

If you are ready for your content to publish, the post MUST be approved. Your post will only publish if it appears with a green ribbon.

You can approve the post by selecting the green tick icon on your post, or by selecting the 'Approve' button within the post modal. If you do not have the appropriate User Permissions to approve the post, you'll need to send the post for approval instead.

Select channels

Select which social media channels you would like to add this post to in your Calendar. You can select as many channels as you want, including any Custom Planning Channels (these can be created within the 'Setup' section of your Calendar).

channel selector

You can also add your post to other Calendars if you like - but you'll need to enable this ability from within the 'Setup' area in your Calendar. This option will appear under the 'General' heading.

Post content

Add your post copy here. This is what we'll publish to your social media channel(s), along with any attached media.

Depending on the social network, you may be able to @ mention other social media accounts. This works a little differently for each social media network.

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How to @ mention in a post

You can also enter saved hashtags into your post copy by entering a # and then selecting from a dropdown of pre-saved options. To create your saved hashtags, you'll need to head to the 'Setup' section within your Calendar.

Publish date

Enter the date that you want your post to be published. If you leave this field blank, your post will be added to the Pinboard on the lefthand side of your Calendar.

It is possible to add backdated posts to the Calendar by selecting a time/date from the past. This will allow you to keep you Calendar up to date with all historical activity.


Publish time

Use this area to enter the time of day that you want your post to be published.

If you select the dropdown arrow, you can choose a publish time from a list of Preset Publishing Times. These pre-set publishing times can be created within 'Setup'. Pressing the 'Randomize' button will randomly allocate a publish time to your post.

If you leave this field blank, your post will be added to the Pinboard on the lefthand side of your Calendar.


Category Tags

Add Category Tags to your post to label it by topic or theme. Select to add a Category Tag and choose 1 or more of your Tags from the dropdown menu. New Tags can be created by typing the name of your Tag into the Category Tag area and then pressing enter. Alternatively, Category Tags can also be created from the 'Setup' area within 'Publish'.



Give feedback by commenting on a post. @ mention members of the Calendar to notify them about your comment.


All new posts are automatically added as Drafts. However, depending on your User Permissions you may be able to choose to add your post as Approved or Pending Approval.

If your post is for Facebook, (and if you have enabled the ability to send content to Facebook Drafts from within the 'Setup' area) you can also choose to send the post here at this stage.

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Sending posts to the Facebook Queue

Option in post modal

Video Title

If you are publishing a post to Facebook which contains a video, you can set a title to display underneath it. This field gives you more opportunity to explain the video, without this content needing to go into the post body.

You will see this new input field appear after you've uploaded a video in the Post Editor. To add a title, simply add in the text you would like, up to 256 characters.


Google My Business options

Post type Use this area to select the type of post you are creating. You can choose to make your post a 'What's New' post or an 'Events' post.

Check out this guide for more information on these two post types

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Google My Business Posts Explained

Event title USe this field to enter the name / title of your event

Start Date / Start Time / End Date / End Time Use these fields to clearly indicate when your event is taking place. You'll notice there is a toggle below this area. When this toggle is switched off, you won't need to enter a start or end time.

Add a button Choose your button type from the dropdown menu and then enter a URL for the button to lead to. If you don't wish to add a button, select the option for 'None'.

Warning Callout Icon

Warning: To use the `Call now` button on your Google My Business post, please ensure you have a telephone number associated with your connected Location.

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