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Troubleshooting Facebook connection issues

If you are having trouble connecting your Facebook account to ContentCal, or are experiencing post failures that might be due to a connection issue, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

If you are having trouble connecting your Facebook Page to ContentCal, or if you are experiencing post failures that you believe may be caused by a connection issue, the following steps will help you to resolve this.

Check you have Admin access to the Facebook Page.

  1. Head to your Facebook Page
  2. Go to 'Settings' (not the Settings area within a Page - just your general Facebook settings)
  3. Go to 'Page Roles'
  4. Check that your role is listed as 'Admin' - you will not be able to publish content with any other role

Reset the Facebook connection to ContentCal

  1. Head to Facebook
  2. Go to 'Settings'
  3. Go to 'Business Integrations' (If you have migrated to the new Facebook Pages Experience you will need to go 'Security and Login' and then 'Business Integrations' from here)
  4. Find the ContentCal integration (Should be named Adobe Creative Cloud Express)
  5. Click the tickbox beside the Adobe Creative Cloud Express app, and select to remove
  6. A dialogue box will appear - do not tick the box that asks to delete all posts, photos, and videos
  7. Head back into ContentCal and go to the 'Setup' area within 'Publish'
  8. Select to reconnect your Facebook account to ContentCal, taking care to grant ContentCal access to all pages that you want to publish to from ContentCal (not just the page within the Calendar)
  9. Reconnect all Instagram and Facebook connections in your ContentCal account that are associated with this Facebook account.
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Note: Resetting the connection will break the connection to every connection Facebook and Instagram channel you have connected via this Facebook account. When the process is complete, you will need to **reconnect** all Facebook and Instagram channels to enable publishing to continue. You must ensure that you accept all the relevant permissions when you carry out the reconnection process. [Check out this doc](/help/connecting-to-facebook/) for guidance on accepting permissions for Facebook connections.

If the Facebook Page you would like to connect to ContentCal is not appearing as an option in the dropdown menu....

  1. Go to this link or navigate to the business integrations area as described in the steps above
  2. Select 'View and edit' on the Adobe Creative Cloud Express app within this area
  3. Double check that all of your pages are ticked within this area (you may find that the page you were looking had been unticked)

Once you have completed the 3 steps above you should find that your Facebook Page now appears as an option to connect to within ContentCal.

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