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What is ContentCal Academy?

Find out more about Content Academy and how it could help you to become a better and more informed marketer.

ContentCal Academy hosts a collection of resources that will teach you step-by-step how to become a master of content marketing and social media.

We have many courses delivered by a variety of trusted experts including Kirstie Smith, Founder of Social Circle, Joanne Sweeney, Founder of the Digital Training Institute, as well as our very own Director of Growth, Andy Lambert.

To get started with Academy, simply head to /academy/ on our website and pick a course to start with, or else select the 'Academy' option from the Dashboard within your ContentCal account.

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Success: There's lots more to come soon! We'll be building out Academy with many more resources in the future and in a variety of forms too, from webinars to written-content.

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