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Life Labs + ContentCal

life labs and contentcal

Company type: Business

Favorite feature: Duplicate Post has a unique vision to make a positive impact to humankind across the globe by supporting community projects and humanitarian charities while improving well-being, sustainability, health, education, and welfare.

They have ring-fenced 30% of its Ethereum Blockchain-based digital currency, LIFEtoken, to support global philanthropic causes. They will identify and support charities making a real difference by funding innovative and pioneering projects each and every year, aligning with their long-term mission and mantra.® is the research and development hub responsible for LIFEtoken®, LIFEwallet®, LIFEcard®, and LIFEPaaS® - four distinct yet intrinsically linked products. Founded by a collective of entrepreneurs, LIFElabs’ aim is to bring digital currency and blockchain technology to the masses, allowing everyone to be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

The old way

LIFElabs were managing their social media content by natively publishing to multiple social networks. It was frustrating, time consuming, and laborious. It was also hard to keep their team aligned and collaboration was a struggle; especially when the team was working remotely across various locations.

The new way with ContentCal

Using ContentCal has saved the LIFElabs creative and marketing team hours of work per week. They no longer need to jump between their social channels to post updates, and can have a bird’s eye view on their upcoming content across all accounts.

They’ve found collaboration to be much easier as the team can communicate clearly on upcoming content and make necessary edits. This has resulted in a higher quality of content and a growing social presence.

ContentCal has transformed the way our team manages, creates and distributes content. The analysis and insights gleaned from the technology has enabled us to grow our user base across major social media platforms. I'd highly recommend using the product if you want to better manage and streamline your team’s resources.

David Pugh Jones, CMO

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