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Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK + ContentCal

Myeloma is a rare type of blood cancer arising from plasma cells. It compromises the immune system, making patients at very high-risk from COVID-19.

Myeloma UK is the only organization in the UK that deals exclusively with myeloma - providing patient information and support, funding vital research and advocating for patients

As such, the way in which they manage external communication through their social channels is of critical importance.

Why ContentCal?

Emma Pellegrini is the Digital Marketing Manager with Myeloma UK, and had only been in the role for 2 months before they had to rethink their entire communication strategy as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Emma knew that she needed a clear structure for managing content and so she turned to a platform that she had used in the past; ContentCal.

For Emma, there’s 5-steps to managing external comms in a crisis (that we cover here). However, Emma also understood that in order to manage such critical communications, (especially with everyone working remotely) that they needed clear systems, processes and structures in place to be able to deliver the right messages in a timely fashion.

How has ContentCal helped?

One of ContentCal’s core benefits is it’s collaborative nature. With multiple people involved in the content planning process, including the Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Offer and the Senior Scientific Communications Officer - a central system was crucial to allow visibility and collaboration around upcoming posts.

Due to the critical and scientific nature of their communications, accuracy is of the utmost importance, so Myeloma UK are making use of the built-in Approval Workflows to ensure that stakeholders can easily review and approve content.

Given the need to change communication styles in light of the crisis, Myeloma UK are using Category Tags to help them balance COVID-19 comms with BAU comms and analyzing the performance of each category, to help them understand what their audience are engaging with.

Finally, they are using ContentCal to plan content in advance. With use of the Content Hub they are able to share ideas across the team ensuring that everyone is able to contribute, collaborate, and have total clarity over what has been planned.

To learn more about how to improve content creation processes within a team, we have created the 5-step ‘VOICE’ framework that will help your business to structure your workflows in the most efficient way.

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