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Ensuring organization-wide visibility and collaboration

NHS Derby and Derbyshire + ContentCal

Company Type: Public Sector

Favorite Feature: Category Tags and Filters

NHS Derby and Derbyshire is part of Joined Up Care Derbyshire, the integrated care system which aims to provide system-level support to all the NHS organizations in the area and get people working together in a more collaborative way.

The Old Way

Managing communication in a pandemic is challenging for any business, let alone when you're the NHS, and are required to react to ever-changing situations amidst the pandemic.

Prior to ContentCal, the time it took for the team to generate content and schedule it out was ‘enormous’. Given the already stretched resources and the critical nature of their communication, streamlining this process was Lee Mellor’s first task upon joining the organization in mid-2020.

The New Way

After researching numerous tools, ContentCal was deemed as the best fit to meet their needs within their budget.

ContentCal has given Lee and the team the opportunity to spend more time on producing quality content, rather than wasting time on administration, creating a more streamlined and efficient process.

ContentCal has also allowed the team to evolve their process to be more strategic.  They tag each of their posts, and then filter the content by audience to make sure that they’re not going too heavy on any one area of comms.

Due to the enormous amount of campaigns that the team need to support like health, social care, and the vaccine rollout, it’s been crucial for the whole team to be able to see the campaigns in one central visual calendar to help everyone understand the current state of all activity.

NHS Derbyshire also make use of Advanced Analytics, which has

given them the ability to fully assess the details of their performance in a way they just couldn’t before.

I'd really recommend ContentCal’s Advanced Analytics because it brings in the data from multiple sources,  and to be able to have one home for analytics where it pulls all that data in no matter how you posted that content out means that we've got a simple interface to be able to drill down into the data and to help us further shape our strategy.

-Lee Mellor, Communications Officer, NHS Derbyshire

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