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Our Giant Communication Plan Template

Download our free template and build a guide to how you communicate with your audience.

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Plan + Publish

Create content together

Collaborate on upcoming posts, share ideas with the team, and use approval workflows to perfect your content quality.

Content Hub image
Content Hub
Welcome to a brand new home for all of your content.
Collaborate image
All your team creating, approving and collaborating.
Integrate Tools image
Integrate Tools
Add the tools you use everyday, such as Slack or Trello.
Approvals icon
Send posts for single or multi-step review in a click.
Pinboard icon
Drag and drop posts to fill up your Calendar.
Post Previews icon
Post Previews
Accurate previews of how each post will look once published.
Draft Posts icon
Draft Posts
Create drafts and get team feedback before publishing.
Notebook icon
Store your to-do list, ideas, or briefs, and more.
Publish Times icon
Publish Times
Add pre-set times for consistent publishing.
Web Clipper icon
Web Clipper
Fill up your Calendar while browsing the web.
Snippets icon
Save commonly used phrases or hashtags as a Snippet.
Tagging icon
Tag content by theme, category or anything else.
Grammarly icon
Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing in ContentCal.
Filter + Search icon
Filter + Search
Find content quicker and customize the view.
Post Everywhere icon
Post Everywhere
Send your posts to hundreds of different apps.
Avatar Becky

Upcoming events and drafts can be added as placeholders in the calendar and mapped alongside our campaigns.

Beckie Coupe - Managing Director @ Infinity Digital

Optimize and grow

Pick out top performing content, assess individual posts against relevant metrics, and report on monthly results with ease.

No credit card required.

Birdseye view image
Get a bird's eye view on content performance
Use the Overview tab to assess performance across all social media accounts. Identify your most successful content and channels.
Charts image
Impress with visual charts and graphs
Save time interpreting results. Our colourful graphs and charts make key information digestible and easy to understand.
Top performing posts image
Discover and re-use your top performing posts
Save time comparing your content. ContentCal Analytics can highlight your top performing posts, and best performing media.
Export to PDF icon
Export to PDF
Filter by date and export and share with colleagues or clients.
Follower growth icon
Follower growth
Track follower growth across all channels.
Post engagement icon
Post engagement
Identify engagement and compare results.
Best time to post icon
Best time to post
Discover the best times to post for maximum engagement.

Quickly reply to social media conversations

Respond makes it super simple for your support team to respond to social media conversations. For Facebook Messenger, Facebook Comments, Tweets, and Twitter Direct Messages.

No credit card required.

Team Inbox image
Team Inbox
Keep new social media conversations in one central location. Easily accessible from within your ContentCal account.
Engage image
Respond to inquiries quickly and easily. Close resolved conversations, and keep coming back to ongoing chats.
Context is everything. With profile visibility, you can see exactly who you're talking to from location to follower counts.

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