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Contributions: create great content, together

Invite your team and customers to contribute content via custom-made forms. View all submissions in your Content Hub library.

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Work together to fill your content calendar

Collecting content from your team and customers has never been easier. You can even add Contributions forms to your mobile home screen for easy access on the move. It's the perfect way to store ideas the moment inspiration strikes.


Create quality content with input from the team

Unite teams and offices by creating a central Contributions form to collect content, images, and information from all across the business; encouraging everyone to get involved with your content marketing. Preview your form before you share the link, and color-code the icons to make submissions instantly recognizable.

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The Contributions feature is a brilliant example of how ContentCal has evolved to make life easier.

Rachel Allen @ Making Business Social
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View all contributions in your Content Hub Library

View all submissions within your Content Hub Library, ready to be reviewed and transformed into amazing marketing content. Use filters to view submissions by form and Category Tags.

User Generated Content Marketing

Let your audience do the talking

Use Contributions forms to collect user-generated content from your customer base. Ask for pictures or quotes demonstrating how they enjoy your product or service and then re-post from your company socials.

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ContentCal is proven to make content planning less stressful and more enjoyable with loads of thoughtful features. Here are just a few we think you'll like!

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Web Clipper
See it, like it, clip it, share it. Collect ideas from across the team and create a library of inspirational content.
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Approval Workflows
Avoid bottlenecks by ensuring content is signed off and approved by the most relevant member(s) of your team quickly and efficiently
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Interact with all comments and messages from across your social channels in real-time, by liking, replying, and sharing from within the ContentCal platform
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View visual charts and graphs to see how your content is performing and share successes with your wider team

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