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ContentCal, but supercharged

Using ContentCal doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to the other apps that your team already know and love. Perfect your content marketing workflow with over 2000 available integrations.

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Getting started with Zapier

Zapier is a service that allows thousands of apps to be connected and work together. This enables you to send information to ContentCal from apps such as Pocket or Trello, or publish content from Custom Planning Channels to platforms such as Medium and Pinterest.

Our most popular Zapier integrations

There are thousands of integrations you can setup using Zapier, but these are some of our customer's favorites...

Trello → icon
Trello →
Send content from Trello to ContentCal
Slack → icon
Slack →
Send content from Slack to ContentCal
Microsoft Teams → icon
Microsoft Teams →
Send content from Microsoft Team to ContentCal
ClickUp → icon
ClickUp →
Send content from ClickUp to ContentCal
Asana → icon
Asana →
Send content from Asana to ContentCal → icon →
Send content from to ContentCal
MailChimp → icon
MailChimp →
Send content from ContentCal to MailChimp
Medium → icon
Medium →
Send content from ContentCal to Medium
Airtable → icon
Airtable →
Send content from Airtable to ContentCal
Google Spreadsheet → icon
Google Spreadsheet →
Send content from Google Spreadsheets to ContentCal
Feedly → icon
Feedly →
Send content from Feedly to ContentCal

Using integrations to upload media

You can upload media directly to your ContentCal posts from a variety of integrated sources and with no setup required. (Available integrations will depend on your plan)

Using our media uploader, Filestack

Our media uploader allows you to add images, videos, and gifs directly to your ContentCal posts from other storage sources.

Dropbox icon
Upload media from a Dropbox account directly to your ContentCal post
Google Drive icon
Google Drive
Upload media from a Google Drive account directly to your ContentCal post
Facebook icon
Upload media from a Facebook account directly to your ContentCal post
Instagram icon
Upload media from an Instagram account directly to your ContentCal post
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Adored by customers, applauded by experts

"Life-Saver, Crowd-Pleaser, Growth-Partner. ContentCal provides a space for unparalleled, centralised collaboration. This has revolutionised the way we communicate and organise. We can plan, create, schedule, approve and review all in ONE PLACE! Amazing." Stephanie B | Head of Content | G2 reviewer

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ContentCal is making my life so much easier, and the support is top notch. So pleased with it.

Colette Lowe, Owner at Chew PR
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