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Up your game with powerful insights

Dissect data and find out where you’re growing your audience, who is engaging, and which posts are top performers. Fine-tune your content with sharp analytics.

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Learn what works. Supercharge future content.

Analytics and data will lead you to powerful insights that can create magic formulas. They let you know what sticks, so you can maximize engagement and multiply your audience.

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Get to grips with your results quickly and easily

Advanced Analytics

Work smarter, not harder

ContentCal's Advanced Analytics enables you to easily demonstrate your success, identify content marketing growth opportunities and analyze all of your social media data through a visual, intuitive, and easy-to-use dashboard across organic social, paid social, and your website.

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Advanced Analytics

Track your competitors

Benchmark your competition and see how you stack up.

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Advanced Analytics

Simplify your reporting

Export beautifully visual, customisable PDF and PPT reports and automate these to arrive in your inbox every month and even report in multiple languages.

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Organic LinkedIn data
See followers, paid followers, impressions, posts, follower growth, engagement rate, impressions, likes, comments, and clicks
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Organic Facebook data
See Likes, followers, views impressions, page views, posts, clicks, follower demographics, engagement rate, reactions, comments, shares, and reach
Organic Instagram data icon
Organic Instagram data
Have access to Followers, following, follower growth, impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, posts, follower demographics, engagement rate, likes, comments, saves, posts, and impressions
Organic Twitter data icon
Organic Twitter data
View your followers, following, influence, tweets, follower growth, followers acquired, mentions, likes, retweets, replies, quotes, profile clicks, link clicks, tweet type, and impression source
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Organic TikTok data
Track your organic TikTok performance including views, likes, shares, comments, and top-performing posts
Organic Pinterest data icon
Organic Pinterest data
Keep on top of your impressions, engagement and interactions from Pinterest
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Visual charts and graphs make mapping your progress and performance easier to analyze.
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Easy exports
Export all your data to PDF or PPT complete with personal branding, so it’s easy to share and digest for simplified analysis.
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Date picker
Analyze data over a custom time period up to the last 12 months.
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Scheduled reports
Set your reports to automatically export each month, leaving you more time for creating great content.
Understand your followers icon
Understand your followers
Explore detailed follower demographics, including the gender and location of your audience, as well as their audience, to scope out partnership opportunities.
Instagram Story analysis icon
Instagram Story analysis
View Impressions, reach, number of stories, and top-performing stories alongside your feed posts.
Paid media analytics icon
Paid media analytics
Look across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and TikTok ads analytics to maximize your paid social results.
Competitor analysis icon
Competitor analysis
Look at how your competition is doing and compare their results to yours.
Go below the surface icon
Go below the surface
Spot trends in your content by analyzing your top-performing posts across Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Top-performing post analysis icon
Top-performing post analysis
Spot trends in your content by analyzing your top-performing posts across Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn and Twitter
Hashtag analysis icon
Hashtag analysis
Get some insight into the performance of the hashtags that you’re using
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