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Get your people talking and sharing

Open up the communication channels with your team, the wider business, and your clients. Make it easy to feedback, sign-off, and chip-in while managing permissions.

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All eyes on the content prize

Multi-step approval flows

Build customizable approval workflows so the right people see the right content. Colour code posts to highlight their status

Multi-level permissions

Define permissions at calendar and user level. Allow clients and stakeholders to ‘view + comment only’. Bring everyone in and get their feedback faster with @mentioning.

Multi-joyful timescales

Speed things up with ‘send all content for approval’ or ‘approve all’ in list view. Know who’s next in the approval line and nudge them along for faster workflows.

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Visibility has been improved across teams and straight-forward Approval Flows have removed ambiguity from the planning and approval process.

Lisa Barnett, Innovation and Content Director at The Social Element
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Multiply your content creation capabilities

Contributions opens the door for ideas to flood in. A simple form captures inspiration, links, and lightbulb moments from across the organization. All easily shared in the Content Hub.

Approval Workflows

Get sign-off, every step of the way

Zip up your quality control with multiple level sign-off. Invite clients and management to comment, feedback, and approve in the app. It’s quicker, smoother, and way less messy.

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Healthy Calendar collaboration

Set up your team with different viewing, commenting, editing, approval, moderation, and creation permissions. So everyone can contribute while you stay in control.


Get your clients and teams talking

Move your campaigns forward with smart tools that make it easier to comment and communicate. Share internal notes, have team talks, and invite clients to feed back, all in one place.

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Calendar hero
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Our biggest achievement using ContentCal is time-saving. We can also get more of the team easily involved in content creation using Approval Workflows."

Chloe Lovell, Marketing Executive at Gravity Force

Simple tools for easier lives

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the content marketing process less stressful and more enjoyable.

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Comment & @mention
Leave thoughts and feedback on individual posts. @mention users to send a notification.
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View & Comment only
Assign Users Permissions to share upcoming content plans, while staying in control.
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Approvals on the go
Login via your mobile browser to assess and approve content when away from your desk.
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List View
Make use of List View for speedier content approvals. Review all pending content, one post at a time.
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Adored by customers, applauded by experts

"Life-Saver, Crowd-Pleaser, Growth-Partner. ContentCal provides a space for unparalleled, centralised collaboration. This has revolutionised the way we communicate and organise. We can plan, create, schedule, approve and review all in ONE PLACE! Amazing." Stephanie B | Head of Content | G2 reviewer

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