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Delivering 500% growth through internal influencers

Rise at Seven + ContentCal

Company Type: Agency

Favorite Feature: User Interface, Multiple Calendars, Approvals

Rise at Seven is a multi-award winning search-first creative agency. In just 2.5 years, they have become one of the fastest-growing agencies worldwide. Everything Rise at Seven do is focussed around getting their clients to rank well in search - but it’s the creative-led approach that sets them apart - leaning in on social, digital, and PR.

Rise at Seven’s Growth Strategy

Rise at Seven’s marketing and customer acquisition strategy is an interesting one. James says his  job is to “to make us famous”. With no outbound marketing effort, James and his team have doubled down on personal branding using LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube as the primary channels to achieve that.

Rise at Seven’s singular objective is to be ‘front of mind’ for their target audience, putting their work out on social media to educate and inspire. Rise at Seven’s two co-founders, Carrie Rose and Stephen Kenwright have become respected leaders in the industry in their own right and as such have amassed large audiences on their personal profiles.

This led to the creation of an internal influencer program. Through this program, James and his team  create and distribute content on behalf of the key individuals within the business. This helps establish these internal influencers  as thought leaders in their individual field (like PR and SEO), helping to build their perception in the industry to a point where they are speakers at international conferences, representing both their own and Rise at Seven’s expertise.

Essentially, it’s all about pushing out human, relatable, educational content that turns followers into fans and those fans into leads.

How Rise at Seven are using ContentCal to unlock this growth

Managing a multi-person content strategy can be tough, so James turned to ContentCal as the tool to help coordinate the content creators and the influencers, whilst providing overarching visibility of everything that’s happening across company and personal channels.

Each week, their content team creates content in the individual internal influencers’ calendars. The content creators create multiple posts, along with ideas and templates for the influencer to contribute to in order to allow for their personal tone. The influencer will log on to ContentCal each week, approve what they like, add further content ideas, and swap content around if needed - creating the perfect framework to create and publish content at scale.

“ContentCal’s user interface is game-changing, it’s so user friendly. From an overall brand point of view, I can go in and can easily see what's going on, which is just amazing. With each of the individual influencers having their own personal calendar, it gives them great visibility and great control. And I’ve got all of the visibility I need.”

-James Hayward-Browne, Marketing Manager, Rise at Seven

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