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Scaling Steven Bartlett’s Content Output

Steven Bartlett + ContentCal

Favourite Features: Web Clipper, Approval Workflows, Team Collaboration

Grace Andrews is the Head of Content for media entrepreneur, investor, author and Dragons’ Den star, Steven Bartlett - managing all personal brand content along with content for Steven’s other initiatives.

In this varied and wide-ranging role, Grace is responsible for two social media execs and one social media manager, overseeing all content production.

The process before ContentCal

Due to the rapid growth of the team, processes had grown organically. Despite having some processes in place they were not joined up and, as a result, only worked at a smaller scale.

Grace’s team was using a social media scheduling tool to publish content across multiple channels, but due to the slim nature of what they were using,  they had to use different tools and processes for planning, collaboration, messaging, and interacting with team members. They also used Google Drive as a repository for content inspiration and ideas. As Grace mentions:

We were functioning, it was just totally unscalable. Our processes worked at the scale we were at at that time, but couldn't have gone any further.

What made you turn to ContentCal?

Grace’s team and output were scaling rapidly, and due to taking on so many more projects, they needed to take their organization to the next level.

With so much going on at any one time, it was essential for Grace to centralize all processes into one place, from ideation and planning, to collaboration and publishing across all channels, not just social. This streamlining of planning, approvals, and feedback has been a game-changer for Grace from a managerial perspective.

ContentCal genuinely makes my life 10 times easier. Every morning I have a half an hour in my diary where I just go through the next seven days of content and get a simple overview of everything that’s going on.

-Grace Andrews, Head of Content, Steven Bartlett

But there was another aspect of ContentCal that was particularly appealing to Grace. Ideation is a key element of their process and prior to Contentcal, ideas would be collected in WhatsApp, Google drive, email, or basically whatever was convenient at the time. As a result, ideas and inspiration were often lost or hard to find.

The ContentCal Web Clipper allows the whole team to help each other out by pressing one button on the Content Google Chrome Extension, allowing any inspiration to be easily ‘clipped’, tagged, and shared with the rest of the team in one central place. This has transformed a critical part of the process for Grace’s team.

What has ContentCal helped your achieve?

Grace’s team’s key goal is to increase the output of content and the speed with which content is produced. ContentCal has allowed the team to work tightly with the editors to turn clips around quickly, ensuring that content stays relevant and that they are on top of the trends.

ContentCal has dramatically increased the speed with which content can be produced by allowing an idea to be shared across the team for feedback and input. This has resulted in an increase in content output while also simplifying their organization in general. The team now has greater capacity to do more things and continue expanding.

Everything is in one place with ContentCal. From sourcing, planning, collaboration, conversation; everything happens in one hub, and that has been a game-changer for our processes. Honestly, I love it.

-Grace Andrews, Head of Content, Steven Bartlett

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