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Maximizing the investment in social content

Beckie Coupe + ContentCal

Becky coupe write case study on contentcal

Company type: Social Media Agency and Social Media Training

Favorite feature: Re-Use Post

Beckie Coupe is a social media expert, business cheerleader, and founder of Infinity. Her mission is to help businesses cut through the noise and focus on the tools and tactics to make a success of social media. She runs a number of successful social media training programs along with a social media agency, implementing her social media tactics for those clients that don’t have the time to do so

The old way

As a social media trainer, Beckie is constantly asked about scheduling tools. But for Beckie, there was never the perfect answer;

“I’m a big advocate of using social media scheduling tools to plan and manage your social media posts. It saves you time, it helps you to be more consistent and, most importantly, it allows you to zoom out and take a bird’s-eye view of your content strategy as a whole.

“Over the years I’ve trialled many different products on my search for the best solution to social media scheduling and, for a long time, I settled on using Hootsuite, mainly for its usability, functionality, and affordability. My main frustration with Hootsuite, however, was the ‘Streams’, as they’re called, as they aren’t as visual or intuitive as I would like them to be.

“The other downside, in my opinion, is that Hootsuite doesn’t collect past posts into a content library of any form. So, alongside Hootsuite, I have created my own systems of spreadsheets and Trello boards. This works absolutely fine, but I’ve always felt that there must be a better way and so my search for a more comprehensive social media scheduling tool continued.”

Working with lots of small business owners, the constant battle that both Beckie and her small business customers encountered was the time that social media takes to get right. The benefits of scheduling content are well recognized, but the more time consuming element of social was coming up with the content ideas in the first place. It was this planning element that Beckie really wanted to solve.

Even for a seasoned social media expert like Beckie, it was hard to join up the planning and scheduling processes. “I had spreadsheets, I had notes on my phone and ideas sorted in various places and when there’s events coming up that you want to tap into, it’s hard to do that in a joined-up way.”

The new way with ContentCal

“For me, the planning side is what makes ContentCal different. Ideas can now be stored in the backlog, upcoming events and drafts can be added as placeholders in the calendar and mapped alongside our campaigns.

“On my search for a better social media scheduling tool, one of the things close to the top of my wishlist was the ability to collect posts into a content library of sorts. The content we create for social media becomes a valuable asset to our businesses and re-using and repurposing content is just as important as creating new. Spreadsheets and Trello boards are great for this purpose as they allow you to keep a log, as it were, of your content but that also means more steps in your process and more time taken up.

“I have tested out various different solutions, most notably Zoho Social and Meet Edgar, but none quite fit the bill for me. One of my top priorities was to ensure that whatever solution I chose it was not overly automated; it’s not about churning out the same content again and again but rather taking what’s worked well in the past and tweaking it, or repurposing it entirely, to get more value and even better results from each and every post.”

I am finding that posts already take me less time to schedule and planning is now a joined-up and simple process. I love the fact that they can be moved around with a simple drag and drop. On a post level, there is the option to preview posts to get a feel for how they will look on the platform. I can then look at the content schedule as a whole, ensuring that there’s a great mix of content.

Beckie Coupe, Founder

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