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Greater Transparency = Increased Engagement

Caterham Cars + ContentCal

Caterham cars case study

Company type: Business

Favorite feature: The Calendar View

Caterham Cars is a British manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars. Founded in 1973, they have since become well respected within the car industry, and beloved by the motoring community. Originating from Surrey, they are renowned in the UK as well as internationally.

The old way

Caterham Cars were having difficulty scheduling content while maintaining visibility on their campaign messaging over time. With collaboration becoming increasingly difficult between their various UK based teams, Caterham Cars began looking for a tool that would fulfil their collaboration needs while giving a clear and visual overview of their past and present content.

The new way with ContentCal

ContentCal is able to give Carterham Cars a clear monthly overview of their activity across all social media channels. This has enabled their team to work together easily and efficiently with shared visibility and the ability to leave comments and feedback directly on the content.

The challenge of managing multiple growing social media presences was simplified once and for all resulting in an increase in follower growth, and a rise in engagement.

ContentCal has enabled our teams to offer more input into the planning and execution of campaigns, resulting in more diverse content strategies that are increasingly reactive and engaging for our community.

John Faye, Assistant Global Brand Manager at Caterham Cars Ltd

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