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Minimized risk & greater transparency with clients

LikeMind Media + ContentCal

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Company type: Agency

Favorite feature: Pause All Content

LikeMind Media is a digital marketing agency with a focus on results driven content. They create expertly crafted strategies that help businesses grow, using the latest developments in social media, video, photography, and graphics.

The old way

The team at LikeMind Media were either scheduling content natively on platforms or using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck. The problem they encountered was that it was never easy to see all planned content for a client in one place. This problem was then magnified when applied across multiple clients.

Reluctant to fall into the habit of using spreadsheets to plan content, the team at LikeMind Media were on the lookout for a solution that offered the visibility of a spreadsheet planner, without the tedious process of copying and pasting posts between multiple documents and scheduling platforms.

As a small but growing agency, LikeMind Media needed an efficient process that would be easy to scale as the business grows.

The new way with ContentCal

Since switching to ContentCal, the team at LikeMind Media have reported masses of saved time and a significant boost in efficiency. The team have made use of the Pause All Content feature in the wake of breaking news stories, allowing them to reassess all content for appropriate tone and discuss next steps with clients, without having to panic or delete inappropriate tweets. Another feature the team have found helpful is the re-use post button, which saves time when cloning and amending content for different platforms.

Transparency with clients is immensely important to LikeMind Media, and the team have reported that clients are delighted with the switch to ContentCal. With the ability to share Calendar access across multiple users, ContentCal is the ideal solution to give clients visibility of upcoming content and track feedback and edits, all in one place.

In fact, LikeMind Media now discuss their use of ContentCal in all of their new business pitches to demonstrate how effective they can be at working together with their clients. The consistent growth of LikeMind Media is a perfect testament to how well run their agency is and how well ContentCal fits them.

From the moment we had the demo, I knew this was the tool for us. It had everything we were looking for so it was really easy to get cracking with it. There were some teething troubles as we got used to some things - e.g. linking accounts and the approval process, but it was learning that was needed more than anything. The Intercom dialogue has helped to no end

Paul Ince, Founder

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