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Less time on admin. More time for clients

LocaSocial + ContentCal

Loca social works with ContentCal

Company type: Agency

Favorite feature: Approval Workflows

LocaSocial is a social media agency that works with small and local businesses in Surrey, London and beyond. They offer social media strategy, training, advertising, content and community management across B2C and B2B marketing.

The old way

LocaSocial were using excel spreadsheets to plan and create social content across their client base. This resulted in masses of lost time formatting spreadsheets, emailing documents back and forth and copying and pasting the content into a separate scheduling tool, as well as difficulty in visualizing how content was mapped out across the week or month. This lost time, made it difficult to give every client the time they deserved, and meant time that could be better spent creating new content and optimizing strategy was absorbed by unproductive admin processes.

Working with small independent business owners meant that LocaSocial's clients didn't have the budget for pricey enterprise software and, furthermore, didn't have the time to spend learning how to use a new tool, as they were too busy growing their business. LocaSocial needed a solution that was both cost-effective and easy for their clients to get to grips with quickly.

The new way with ContentCal

With ContentCal, LocaSocial are able to clearly visualize the social media posting schedule for each of their clients. Using the clear visual Calendar, it’s easy to spot gaps in content and opportunities to optimize.

Streamlining content creation, client approval and publishing through one tool has saved around 2 to 3 hours per week across LocaSocial’s client portfolio – a time saving the team at LocaSocial noticed ‘almost instantly’. Cutting down on admin processes for the team has freed up more time to spend optimizing content, coming up with new ideas and nurturing client relationships.

The team have also found the Preview Post feature useful when working with clients who aren’t as familiar with social media and are not used to using it on a daily basis - in particular for more complicated channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, where it isn’t always immediately obvious how the post will display on the platform.

Client feedback since switching to ContentCal has been excellent with clients finding the tool easy on the eye as well as simple and intuitive to use.

I found myself more inspired to write content. Something about its simplicity makes everything else zone out, and focuses your attention.

Georgie Gayler, Founder

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