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Molly Moodle Media + ContentCal

molly moodle write a case study with contentcal

Company type: Agency

Favorite feature: Calendar View

Molly Moodle Media is a social media agency that strives to help the hard-working people behind independent businesses and creative organizations achieve mass exposure and clientele they deserve through the use of social media, without blowing the budget.

The old way

The team at Molly Moodle Media were experiencing a productivity drain creating content plans to send to clients. Using Google Docs and spreadsheets meant that, once approved, content had to be copied and pasted to third party scheduling apps. Not only was this process time consuming, but it also caused issues with version control. Tabs and documents soon mounted up, which made content creation a time consuming and stressful process.

Communication between team members was via email or separate software. As a result, time was also lost passing on feedback and edits to team members.

The new way with ContentCal

Streamlining content creation, team communication, sign off and publishing in one tool has been a game changer for the team at Molly Moodle Media. Feedback is easily tracked using comments and edits can be made quickly within the Calendar. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to move posts around the Calendar to optimize posting times. Managing every client Calendar from within one app has removed a lot of the stress and admin from managing social media for multiple clients.

Using the Category Tags feature, the team can ensure the content they create ticks every box of the client’s content strategy and that messaging themes are correctly balanced in each Calendar. Thanks to Approval Workflows, both client and agency teams can rest assured that nothing is published to the client’s social channels without first progressing through each stage of the approval flow.

Managing social media content with ContentCal has improved client relationships and helped the team work better together internally. With the time saved on creating and managing content, there is more time available to give to current clients, and even to grow the business by taking on new clients.

Molly Wright, founder of Molly Moodle Media, reports that the team has saved a minimum of 2-3 hours per client per week since switching to ContentCal – across content planning, team deliberation, client feedback and approval and post scheduling.

I’ve got so much more free time, and it actually helps me move the business forward and expand.

Molly Wright, Founder

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