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Simplifying the client Approval Workflow

OST Marketing + ContentCal

OST writes a case study on contentcal

Company type: Social and Digital Media Agency

Favorite feature: Approval Workflows

OST is an award-winning social media and digital marketing agency providing social media strategy, content marketing and community management services to a client portfolio comprised of some of the UK’s best known brands, as well as international companies.

With a split team of B2C and B2B digital consultants serving a diverse range of industries, a need was identified for a tool that would simplify the content creation to publication process.

The old way

The team at OST were using a mix of Excel documents and Google Docs to plan content. These documents were then sent to clients for approval which could ‘take days’ to be approved. In addition, all communication was managed via email creating a another challenge to their workflow. Once approved, content was then manually copy/pasted and scheduled to channels using Hootsuite. Not only was this process time consuming, but it also left margin for error with assets, links, and copy being transferred between two locations.

The new way with ContentCal

By linking their three separate processes of planning, approvals, and publishing together into one platform, the team at OST now had a single solution to manage the entire content creation workflow. Consistency has now been achieved across the agency, resulting in significant operational efficiencies. No more double handling of data, no more chasing approvals, and a ‘single source of truth’ for all planned, approved and published content.

In addition, ContentCal’s clear, visual interface has provided OST a more professional and modern looking alternative to spreadsheets, a real differentiator improving client/agency collaboration.

With the launch of Instagram publishing, the team now have replaced all spreadsheet-based calendars and Hootsuite across the agency with ContentCal and so far in 2017 have picked up a number of new clients.

These documents were then sent to clients for approval which could 'take days' to be approved.

Lloyd Palmer, Senior Account Manager

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