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Evolving the content planning process

The Social Element + ContentCal

the social element

Company type: Social Media Agency

Favorite feature: Approval Workflows

Founded in 2002, The Social Element has grown into an internationally respected social media management agency, which today boasts some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies amongst its client portfolio. Delivering high quality, multi-lingual community management across a huge client portfolio requires a meticulously organized approach and team workflows that are optimized for maximum efficiency.

The old way

Content was being sent to managers via spreadsheets but it wasn’t clear which, if any, content had been approved, what stage of completion the content was at, or what input was expected from which team members. As a result, version control was becoming an increasingly difficult task, with approvals being chased over email and feedback getting lost in long email threads. There was a general lack of control over the planning to creation, approval and publishing process - with a lot of time wasted on admin-heavy spreadsheets. Working across different countries and time zones added another layer of complexity coordinating schedules between teams.

The new way with ContentCal

“With a live-updating calendar of all planned content along with integrated Approval Workflows, the team are kept aligned and can clearly see what action is required. By moving away from the previous spreadsheet-based process, all client Calendars have now been centralized in one application, meaning no more out-of-date documents and with the addition of the collaboration tools within ContentCal, there’s no more sifting through emails to find comments, amendments, and suggestions on content."

The elimination of unnecessary admin processes has saved valuable time and resulted in increased productivity. Visibility has been improved across teams and straight-forward Approval Flows have removed ambiguity from the planning and approval process, allowing for greater control, improved workflow, and increased quality in what is published to channels

Lisa Barnett, Innovation and Content Director

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